I’m here in front of the keyboard and look at the blank screen .

The cursor blinks …

I have so many things to tell you but I do not know where to start .

There are so many memories , so many moments in my head … how to describe my lab and my world ? Yet one has to start somewhere .

We go back in time . We are in 2008 . It all started with the idea and the realization of a design studio and so I continued for a while ‘ time . The more I worked with matter , volumes , colors , subjects , to realize my plans , and more grew in me the desire to make ” art ” .

So I turned to the study in the laboratory of contemporary art : The Circus Art , a space where young and talented artists come together and create , inspired by the physical nature , metaphysics , to abstract elements , creating new backgrounds , new materials that integrate all ‘ interior design , in a continuous research and development that has given me and is giving me a lot of satisfaction .

Furnishing solutions from the wall intertwined mix of art and design , design and testing .


All the work is done by hand to ensure quality and uniqueness .

Any solution that comes in [ THE CIRCUS ART ] satisfies every need of furniture.

Now , with the advent of new technologies and new communication channels , it is time to share these with you my experiences and my passion that drives me and drives me to do what I do .

In this blog I want to tell me , what motivates me every day : art , design, interior design , architecture , culture, handicrafts , made ​​in Italy , my territory , brands , celebrities from the film world , music , politics , comics, cartoons, which are a source of inspiration for my new Small Tribute and more .

Waiting for your suggestions that can help me grow and improve but also started to follow me .