Smalltribute Video

Learn more about our creations , the projects , our affiliates and partners , see how we achieve our works and find out our secrets , through these videos you can immerse yourself fully in our world . Through the eyes of a camera we’ll get you there in our laboratory and we will show our guys work and how our works are produced to get directly to the end customer through a unique chain that cares full of their demands .

From a simple photo we realize a timeless emotion that you can keep as a special piece of furniture in your home.

Our portraits pay tribute to successful athletes . Collecting the footsteps of their successes , described in newspaper articles that delineate the history , we pay tribute to these giants of the past and present with our unique and recognizable touch of art.

The element that sets us apart of our works are the attention’s to detail . Through this video we would like to show you what makes special our art-work and how carefully we make any single piece , without letting escape any details .