Pooh | Dodi Battaglia


Title : [ Dodi Battaglia ]

Total size : 69 x 69 x 4 cm

Technique : Water Color on wood canvas (nothing prints)    100 % hand painted – Signed back

Chassis : The canvases are already mounted on the frame in finished and painted wood even on sides and does not require any structure additional.

The work is ready to hang.

All works are made with top quality materials that guarantee the color lasting stability . They are of excellent quality natural paints were used . To the canvas a fixative for the color that keeps it intact was applied the properties over time .

Description of the subject

Donato Battle, aka Dodi (Dody until 1978), was born on 1 June 1951 in Bologna, in the district Mazzini, in a musical family: his grandfather played the mandolin and the piano, his uncle was a guitarist and his father played the violin. At age 5 he began studying the accordion going to a music school that he attended up to 12 years. The next step is the study of the guitar at age 13. Thanks to the initial studies that give the basis to develop his sensitivity as a musician, a few hours of purchase, the small Donato already strumming the six strings. Beginning to attend the music venues in Bologna, he was able to become part of some groups, among them, “The Hard”, the “Meteors”, the opening act of Gianni Morandi and in “The Judas”, an alternative band from Bologna, rival Pooh town when it was still called, in embryonic form, “The Jaguars”. It arrives in 1968 the great proposal of joining the Pooh, thanks to my friend Valerio Negrini. Dodi was just seventeen years old and belong to the group fresh from the success of Little Katy, and the most popular of his city, is for him a source of great satisfaction. The trial period with the Pooh lasts around a week at the home of Richard Sheets. Dodi joined the band to replace Mario Goretti, just in time to record the vocals of Goodnight Penny, single of 1968.

Product Description


A packaging of prestige in order to give an emotion. All our works [SMALL TRIBUTE] they are manifactured in a splendid gift-box where in the front is carved our laboratory of art logo [THE CIRCUS ART].A pressure closing arranged to a locking tongue in skin closes it all, for being then easy transported thanks to the solid handle in plastic, that complete with elegance yours unique packaging.

The Circus Art - Dettaglio certificato

In the back of your portrait is locate the authenticity certificate, where you will find detail about your portrait, creation date, tecnik, and info about the laboratory [THE CIRCUS ART].The certificate gurd in leather skinn remember the story of the company, burn from the idea of  blend art and design in a leather frame “Pieno Fiore”, in the linea Wall Project Collection.

Custodie certificati in pelle

  • THICKNESS : 1,0 MM

Typology of skin produced on skins optimal selection, than extension all its natural grain and guarantees the maximum of its malleability.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 10 cm