It is airing these days the new drama broadcast on channel five showing our works chosen to adorn the homes of the stars protagonist inthe fiction.

The series, consisting of 24 episodes, and is a romantic ensemble comedy that chronicles the adventures of a group of condos all residents in a residential complex random dall’affatto name Paradise Park.

A career woman struggling with his large family and his former omnipresent, a young Bridget Jones perpetually in love with love, a pair of new parents struggling with the first problems of life and a more mature appearance perfect: these are the main protagonists of Weddings and other Follie which, of course, will rotate around other secondary characters as Rocco, a sex symbol of the web played by one of the actors “fictional” most loved by women, Giulio Berruti, that the presentation the show has quickly put his hands on, to the delight of his admirers, admitting: “I’ll often naked, because they are not knowing to cook was forced to attract attention in other ways.”

Have a look and let us know if you will reconise our paints 😉