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What kind of materials we use

Leather frame


Our luxury leather wall hanging frames are one of our customers favorites. Handmade from the finest leather by one of the leading tanneries in Italy.

It is the sheer quality of the leather and the craftsmanship that has gone into these frames, that really makes them stand out.



We have built a reputation for offering the highest quality of fine leather frame. All of our pieces are manufactured with the highest quality of workmanship combined with the best Italian Full and Top grain leathers. All our color are available on request.

Il legno


The tree is common in all forests of equatorial West Africa, more precisely in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Zaire, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Sapwood and heartwood are not well demarcated, although the sapwood alters faster than the heartwood. In general, the wood is yellowish white with a coarse texture. Ayous is a soft, very light, elastic and flexible wood, can be easily worked using all tools available to the most modern wood manufacturers.

Art work [Italy] - Tailored


In the artist combines painting material , the color of the physicality of matter . Hence the term precisely the painting material . On the framework they can be applied to various kinds of materials, such as cloth, glue, sand, resins , wood, stones , and many others . There is no limit to the imagination of the artist who creates material works . Compared to other techniques , the painting material has a process for making slower , because in addition to seek harmony and energy in the colors used , the artist must value the work from the point of view of the surface , enhancing the competitive balance of the picture .



The water-based paints are also known as water-soluble and environmentally friendly , which is why lately is spreading usage. The use of water-based paints reduces by 95 % the environmental release of VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) , which are essentially dust from very fine particle size , which sometimes are the leading cause of allergies and skin irritation , compared to ‘ use of solvent paints . Furthermore, water-based paints are odorless , and non-flammable , low toxicity .



spatulas , sponges , instruments handmade crafts , rollers , brushes and many other tools are used to give life to our subject, mixing grout , adhesive , cement and resins for obtaining the result sought by our artists and to make each one unique work .


Planning commission, send us an email or contact directly our staff to develop your projects.


Through our virtual gallery, you can watch our projects already carried out and find out what are our partners.

Art work [Manhattan] - Exposure
Art work [ Marylin ] - Exposure