Laboratory of contemporary art.

Established as a single design workshop which was born from the union of art, design, planning and experimentation. The entire production, rigorously handmade, guarantees uniqueness and offers infinite commitment and combination to furnish the walls. Each individual piece of work can be requested with a “limited edition” frame, covered by leather, planned and spread exclusively from the lab.

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Contemporary memories expressed by art work.

Music, cinema, sport, comics, cartoon and celebrities with a fixed dimension (69x69x4) and prestige packaging: “the ideal present for the ones who want to be original”. Each piece of work is completely customized and it is mastered and painted by hand in the laboratory.

Through art we appreciate music. Like fingerprints, these handmade pieces of art by italian and foreign artists are unique and unrepeatable – capturing iconic images of global musicians at the peak of their celebrity.Blues, Funk, Folk, Grunge, Jazz, House, Metal, Pop, Rap, R&Bb, Reggae, Rock, Classic; every musical style has its own protagonists and with passion and commitment, our laboratory of art pays tribute to them all.


With this collection of original work, we pay homage to the masters of the cinema and the mythos of Hollywood. A contemporary representation of protagonists of all eras. Each artist undertakes a difficult journey to capture and portray the subject, ultimately leading to a fascinating experience for the viewer.


Works representing successful sportsmen, politicians, and other famous people who impact our culture. The objective is to capture, through art, the contemporary icons that we do not want to forget.


The laboratory of contemporary art [THE CIRCUS ART] depicts moments from the stories of comic characters, paying tribute to their longevity.  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tex, Dylan Dog, Diabolik, Popeye, Valentina, Nathan Never, Corto Maltese, Lupo Alberto, Linus, Lupin and many more… seen from an original point of view and brought to realisation with mixed techniques.Hand painted and simply unique.


For the joy of the little ones we make their favorite cartoons.


In this section we anticipate the latest and create unique hand painted pieces of celebrity around the world.

T-Shirt Collection

We have transformed our works into clothing collection, choose what you like…


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